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About Samty Residential
Investment Corporation

Japan-Wide Portfolio

Diversified portfolio focused on residential assets in a broad range of regional cities in Japan

Japan is faced with the major challenge of a declining birthrate and aging population. At the same time, Japan's population and corporations continue to over concentrate in the greater Tokyo area. Reinforcing the functions of core regional cities across Japan has become an urgent task as one solution for this situation.

Based on this environment, Samty Residential Investment Corporation is investing in high-quality residential assets across a broad swath of Japan's regional cities for each regional situation and feature, with the goal of providing a safe, secure, and comfortable living environment through the leasing of these properties.

Through its investing activities, Samty Residential Investment Corporation will make efficient use of funds raised from the capital markets to encourage regional revitalization. We will provide peripheral support to local governments that are actively pushing forward with unique and innovative measures to create an attractive environment and service and employment opportunities for local residents based on the communities' unique characteristics. Our ultimate mission is to help revitalize Japan's economy starting with its regional cities.

Under this basic philosophy, Samty Residential Investment Corporation will provide investors with opportunities to own a diversified portfolio of residential properties located in a broad range of Japan's regional cities. We will constantly strive to enhance unitholder value by managing these assets over the medium to long term.

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