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Overview of the Sponsor Group

Overview of the Samty Group

Since its founding, the Samty Group has grown from an asset-holding developer based in the Kansai region into a nationwide integrated real estate group. Currently, we engage in two core businesses. The first is the real estate business, involving the planning, development, revitalization, and sales of high-quality real estate assets under the proprietary S-RESIDENCE series of condominiums for rental as well as the planning, development and sales of family-geared condominiums for purchase or investment. Second is the real estate leasing business, focused on owning a diverse range of assets for rental, such as condominiums, office buildings or commercial facilities, and earning stable income streams. Other businesses include the operation of business hotels. Our head office is located in Osaka, and we maintain branch offices in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Sapporo, through which the entire Samty Group works together to develop real estate and acquire income property assets throughout Japan. In March 2016, the Samty Group opened a new branch office in Nagoya.

Real estate leasing business

The Samty Group owns condominium, office, commercial facility, hotel and parking lot buildings either in their entirety or through partial ownership, and leases these properties delete to individuals or corporate tenants. With the goal of increasing income, the Samty Group continues to acquire income properties located in major regional cities throughout Japan, mainly in the Kansai region, where its head office is located, as well as in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Sapporo, where its branch offices are located. In addition to the design division, the Samty Group's real estate leasing division employs first-class registered architects to quickly turn around properties in terms of infrastructure improvements whenever tenant changes occur to boost asset value. These experiences and expertise are accumulated in-house for future reference.

In addition, the Samty Group leases condominiums from owners and subleases them to end tenants, while carrying out rent collection, contract management, and property management on behalf of the property owner.

Real estate business

Solutions business

The Samty Group markets real estate developed by the Group and income properties acquired from third parties to outside investors. One of the Samty Group's best-known brands is the S-RESIDENCE series of condominiums for lease that are developed entirely in-house, from land acquisition to product planning, development and construction. For income properties developed or acquired, the Samty Group not only sources tenants but also utilize the expertise of the Group to remodel and upgrade properties to generate income throughout the ownership period and maximize the sales price at the end of the period.

● S-RESIDENCE condominium brand developed by the Samty Group

S-RESIDENCE is a premium rentable condominium brand developed by the Samty Group since 2005. The lobbies of S-RESIDENCE properties feature luxurious natural stone and open atrium designs as well as indirect lighting and inner hallways similar to those of a luxury hotel. Furthermore, the bathroom area provides unique, stylish designs that are the ultimate in high-end finishes. These are the premium-grade design touches sought by single students and professionals, and they are known for their particularly high occupancy rate by female tenants. First-class registered architects are employed within the development division as a specialist team to deliver condominium properties that excel in livability, comfort and security. This ensures that specifications accurately meet the latest needs of residents, from design to construction project management.

Because their rent levels are set at a level similar to that of competing properties nearby, even with these high-end design touches, S-RESIDENCE series properties can be leased quickly and deliver powerful cost performance.

Providing peaceful and comfortable private spacesS-RESIDENCE

The Samty Group emphasizes handy facilities with unique high-end designs. It creates a cozy living space by selecting comfortable facilities from the viewpoint of residents.

Providing peaceful and comfortable private spaces

Note: Not all S-RESIDENCE brand properties will offer the features listed above.

Overview of Samty Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Samty Asset Management Co., Ltd. was established in August 2007 and joined the Samty Group in November 2012.
Samty Asset Management Co., Ltd. has established the track records of stracture and finance arrangement etc., besides the management of Samty Residential Investment Corporation's assets, and now possesses a considerable amount of knowledge in the field of real estate finance.
In addition, it is expanding its business through the conventional outlet of securitizing condominiums for rental in regional cities via private-placement funds.

Overview of Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

Daiwa Securities Group Inc. is a holding company of Daiwa Securities Group which has subsidiaries engaged in the principal businesses of retail, wholesale, investment and asset management and has been providing comprehensive financial services for years through the collaboration with the group support business that supports the above businesses. Daiwa Securities Group has established business offices in major financial markets in Japan as well as the U.S., Europe, Asia and Oceania and provides a wide range of services responding to needs for both fund procurement and management for customers from around the world with its globally developed network.
Furthermore, Daiwa Securities Group Inc. proactively promotes its real estate asset management business and has "Daiwa Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd." which manage J-REITs, under its umbrella.

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