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On behalf of Samty Residential Investment Corporation, we would like to express our gratitude for your loyal patronage.

Samty Residential Investment Corporation successfully listed its investment units on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Real Estate Investment Trust Section on June 30, 2015, thanks to the support and assistance of unitholders and other stakeholders.

Our investment target is residential assets located in a broad range of Japan’s regional cities that we will purchase and lease out with the goal of providing residents with a safe, secure, and comfortable living environment. Through these investing activities, we will make efficient use of funds raised from the capital markets to encourage regional revitalization. We will provide peripheral support to local governments that are actively pushing forward with unique and innovative measures to create attractive an environment and service, as well as employment opportunities for local residents based on their communities’ unique characteristics. Our ultimate mission is to help revitalize Japan’s economy starting with its regional cities.

With the strong support of our sponsor, Samty Co., Ltd., which includes exclusive negotiating rights for the purchase of Purchase of properties under developments, warehousing functions, and leasing support capabilities, we will leverage the resources and expertise of the Samty Group to maximize unitholder value by achieving steady growth in assets and securing stable income streams through a medium- to long-term investment approach.

Furthermore, in February 2018, Samty Residential concluded with Daiwa Securities Group Inc. a sponsor support agreement detailing provision of various types of information, support for formation of bridge funds, etc. and cooperation in securement of human resources at the Asset Management Company for the sustainable and stable growth of Samty Residential. We are pushing forward with cooperation for maintaining and expanding a stable asset management system, such as in enhancing our relationship with financial institutions, reducing costs for fund procurement by enhancing credibility and forming bridge funds.

We look forward to the continued support and encouragement of our unitholders.

Right :Yosuke Masuda Representative
Samty Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Left :Masafumi Takahashi Director
Head of REIT Division
Samty Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Executive Director
Samty Residential Investment Corporation
Yosuke Masuda Masafumi Takahashi
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